School Bus Driver Fired After Dramatic Video Captures Speed Battle With FedEx Truck

The man who captured the situation on camera said it "could have been a disaster"

What to Know

  • The Facebook video had more than 165,000 views and 3,600 shares in 20 hours
  • There were no students on the bus at the time the video was taken
  • FedEx says it is looking into the matter, and the bus company said it fired the driver

The New Jersey school bus driver seen in dramatic video swerving into the wrong lane to get ahead of a slower-moving FedEx tractor-trailer and then nearly getting rammed by the larger vehicle has been fired. 

Representatives for Jay's Bus Service, which serves schools in Ocean County, told NBC 4 New York the driver was fired Wednesday night as soon as the owner of the Lakewood-based company saw the video. 

FedEx said in a statement Friday that the driver seen on the video was fired from the company. 

The video, captured Wednesday afternoon on Airport Road by Stephen O'Connor and posted to Facebook, shows the bus weave around the FedEx truck, going across the median and trying to pass the truck near a traffic light. The truck, though, veers left, also going across the yellow line, and appears to try to cut off the bus, forcing the bus all the way into the opposite lane of the road. 

The yellow school bus speeds up again and cuts back into the right lane, ahead of the FedEx truck. No students were on the bus at the time the video was taken; it was either on its way to a school or another bus parking depot. 

Police also said they are investigating. 

O'Connor, whose Facebook video was viewed more than 165,000 times in 20 hours, told NBC 4 New York the situation could've been disastrous. 

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