School Bus Driver Accused of Selling Heroin After Dropping Off Kids

A 38-year-old bus driver who drove students to and from private schools on Long Island is accused of selling heroin after dropping off the kids, prosecutors say. 

Anna Kovarick, a 15-year employee of Acme Bus, was arrested April 10 and indicted by a grand jury on the heroin charges this week. 

The Bayshore woman worked with schools in the West Islip area. Prosecutors say she allegedly drove kids to school, parked her bus at the depot and went out to sell heroin. Then she'd go back to the bus, take the kids home and "go out again and sell more heroin," Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said.

Spota said there was no evidence Kovarick drove the bus while under the influence of the drug. 

Her attorney said she has never been arrested before and said the charges are "totally out of character for her."

Acme Bus Corp. couldn't immediately be reached for comment on her arrest.
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