The Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in the Tri-State This Halloween Season

From a paranormal hotel in Brooklyn to a hayride on an eerie family farm, there are plenty of haunted attractions to check out across the tri-state this Halloween season.

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Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses
Headless Horseman
The main attraction at this decades-old haunt is "The Resurrection" hayride. But there's also six haunted houses: "The Lunar Motel," "Glutton's Diner," "Horseman's Tomb," the "Night Shade" greenhouse, "The Feeding" funeral home, and "Two Raven's Manor." On top of that, there's a "Dark Harvest" corn maze and "Dr. Dark's" circus sideshow. Illusionist Ryan Dutcher is performing magic nightly as well. Tickets: Starting at $41.95 online. More here.
Bayville Scream Park
This haunt centers around Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, the home of a former vampire hunter, Barnabus Bay, who turned into a blood-sucker himself after being bitten. But there are five other attractions to check out as well: "Uncle Needle's Funhouse of Fear in 3D," "Temple of Terror," "Curse of the Zombie Pirates," "Evil in the Woods," and "The Cage." Tickets: $24.75 for the mansion only; $33.75 for two-attraction combo; $49.75 for six-attraction combo. More here.
Darkside Haunted House
This Long Island haunt has been around for nearly two decades, and was included in BuzzFeed's top 25 haunted houses in the U.S. The house itself is located in a deserted field; inside, you'll encounter ax-wielding maniacs, creepy clowns and the living dead, among other ghouls. There's also an outdoor haunted village that's open rain or shine. Tickets: $30 for house and haunted village. More here.
Brighton Asylum
According to legend, Brighton Asylum housed high-risk patients back in the 1940s. After medical experiments and staff disappearances were revealed, the asylum was shuttered in 1952. Visitors explore the eerie asylum itself, as well as a network of dark tunnels that connected its buildings. The Today Show called it "The Scariest Place on Earth." There are also four escape rooms, including a paranormal hotel and an Egyptian tomb. Tickets: $28.96 for general admission to house; escape rooms start at $5; $2 for museum. More here.
The Barn Of Terror
This haunt takes place on the Kobbe Farm, the subject of local legend and the home of Mr. Kobbe and his elusive family. Around the fall harvest each year, Kobbe has been spotted wandering the cornfields with his pitchfork, and robed figures have been seen dancing to disturbing sounds coming from the corn rows. Tickets: $33 per person. More here.
Bane Haunted House
More than 100 live actors fill the shadows of this 40,000-square-foot haunted house that was named one of the most terrifying in the nation by BuzzFeed. The Bane Escape Rooms are as talked about as the haunted house itself. Bane bills them as "the largest most immersive Escape Games on the East Coast." One involves fleeing the dungeon of a homicidal maniac and another entails escaping a sinking submarine. Tickets: Haunted house starting at $8; Escape rooms starting at $23. More here.
Chamber of Horrors
There's three new houses called the "Trilogy of Terror" for the 2017 season. Ghouls run wild at "Manic Manor," visitors' senses are twisted beyond control in "3, 2, 1 Blackout!" and sadistic freaks unleash their grisly mayhem at the "Slaughter House." On Sundays, there's "Kill the Light," a haunt where visitors walk through complete darkness with only a glow-stick to light the way. Tickets: General admission starting at $30. More here.
Tod Seelie
The New York City College of Technology presents this annual high-tech haunted hotel. It's been around for nearly two decades and centers around an otherworldly inn filled with apparitions. Tickets: $10; $5 for students. More here.
The Forest of Fear
This award-winning attraction was voted scariest haunt in New York by It includes seven different houses: "Uncle Jimmy's Cannibalistic BBQ," "Blind Panic," "CarniEvil of the Damned," "The Slaughterhouse," "Mourningwood Cemetery," "Craven Brothers Chainsaw Repair Service," and "The Hot Zone." Tickets: $30 for individuals. More here.
Michael Sharkey Studios
Psycho Clan, the team behind Nightmare Haunted House in New York City, has created this year-round immersive horror attraction. In this theatrical immersion, you've been kidnapped and find yourself in an abandoned warehouse where a psychopath is hell-bent on killing. You have to devise a way to escape the warehouse in this 70-minute experience. Tickets: $95 during the week and Sundays; $110 on weekends; only 8 tickets sold per time slot. More here.
This attraction, dubbed "North Jersey's best haunted hayride," gets its name from pantophobia: the fear of everything. It revolves around the legend of Cyrus Grain, whose family's old farmland has been developed into a shopping center. He'll do whatever it takes to keep trespassers away. Tickets: $25 for general admission. More here.
Gateway Playhouse
This visually stunning haunted house is on a 100-year-old estate filled with killer clowns, the demonic and possessed. It's known for its stunning set designs and top-notch actors. It's Long Island's top-rated haunted house, according to USA Today. Tickets: $30 general admission. More here.
Legends of Fear
"One of the most unique haunted traditions in New England," this five-attraction haunt includes a 30-minute hayride through darkened fields and a forest. The other four attractions, called "The Hallow," include a trail through a forest of "cannibalistic beings," "Hemlock Manor Mortuary," "Pine Hills Parish," and "The Dark Harvest," a haunted farm that includes a village of scarecrows. Tickets: $25 for the Hallow; $24 for hayride; $42 for all 5 attractions. More here.
Tunnel of Terror
This is an old-school haunted house that includes elaborate and colorful scenes filled with animatronic ghouls, skeletons, witches and demons. It's handicap accessible and okay for most children. Tickets: $2. More here.
Pure Terror Scream Park
There are six haunted houses at this "screampark" attraction, all of them new for 2017. "Necropolis" takes visitors 175 feet into the crypt of the evil dead. "Disease and death await" at "Quarantine." There's also killer clowns at "Terror Under the Big Top," flesh-eating witches at "The Coven," infamous killers at "Legends of Horror," and pitch-black conditions at "Terror in the Dark." Tickets: Starting at $41.30 for general admission. More here.
Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns
Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns, the most family-friendly attraction on the list, is a scenic walking path on Long Island that's illuminated with 5,000 hand-carved pumpkins. There's also a location on Governors Island in New York City, which features 1,000 carved pumpkins glowing in the night. Tickets: $26 in Westbury; $24 in NYC. More here.
The Haunt at Rocky Ledge
This mostly outdoor haunt takes you through a woods, corn maze and several haunted houses full of homicidal maniacs, twisted fiends, phantoms and clowns. The setting is up a dark, forested road in Westchester. Tickets: $25. More here.
Total Fear at NYZ
This is an experimental, interactive and immersive haunted attraction. "Haunting is an art form and we want to create unique horror themed experiences you will never forget," the attraction's website says. There's a "Clowns vs Zombies Massacre" on Friday nights, in which visitors shoot at zombies and take on a clown gang. On Saturdays and Sundays, "Escape the Dark" has visitors breaking out of an abandoned prison taken over by a Satanic cult. Tickets: Starting at $33. Tactical laser tag is $10. More here.
Haunted Scarehouse
This haunt centers around the haunted farmhouse of the Haydens, a secluded family who lived there before a hurricane ravaged the area. They haven't been heard from since, but what remains of their sinister nature can still be found in the two-story farmhouse, filled with the murderous and macabre. In addition to the haunted house, there are four immersive escape rooms, including "The Cookhouse" and "The Dungeon." Tickets: Farmhouse starting at $28; escape rooms starting at $29. More here.
Sleep No More
This year-round interactive theater in a Chelsea warehouse takes visitors into The McKittrick Hotel to experience "Shakespeare's classic tragedy Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens." From a jazz-age inspired speakeasy to a full-service restaurant that features "At the Illusionist's Table" ("an intimate magic and dining experience"), this attraction transports guests to another time and place as they move through the story. Tickets: Starting at $119.50 for Sleep No More; $300 for Sleep No More and champagne table. More here.
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