Scam Letter: ‘I Know About the Secret You Are Keeping From Your Wife'

There's a new scam to be on the lookout for -- especially if you are feeling guilty about keeping something from a spouse.

Police in New Canaan, Connecticut, on Friday posted a blackmail letter several people in the town had received claiming that the writer knows about "the secret" recipients are keeping from their wives. 

"We have received multiple calls over the past few days regarding the attached scam letter. The letter is usually postmarked from Memphis or Nashville Tennessee. DON'T PAY!!!" the department said in the Instagram post.

The letter doesn't actually detail any misdeeds, but the writer has "evidence" of the alleged secret and promises to send it to the recipient's wife. The writer also threatens to send the evidence to friends and family "so it won't protect her from the humiliation she will feel when her friends and family find out" whatever sordid details. 

In the letter, the writer says for a $3,500 "confidentiality fee," the secret won't be revealed. The writer also asks for the payment in Bitcoin within 10 days and even sends instructions for how to obtain the cryptocurrency. 

"I'm not looking to break your bank," the writer states. "I just want to be compensated for the time I put into investigating you."

If you know anything about the scam letter, call your local police department. 

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