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Woman Indicted in Deadly Westchester County Crash That Split Victim's Car in Two

What to Know

  • A Yonkers woman has been indicted on charges including aggravated vehicular homicide in a July crash that killed another woman
  • Kristen Lynn allegedly hit Danielle Gore-Johnson's Honda from the back, sending it out of control and into a tree, where it split in half
  • Gore-Johnson died; Lynn was seriously injured and had surgery at a hospital. She was later released

A Yonkers woman has been indicted in the alleged drunken driving crash that killed a 28-year-old woman on the Saw Mill River Parkway -- a violent accident that left the dead woman's vehicle split in two.

Kristen Lynn was driving a Lexus southbound on the highway in Hastings-on-Hudson shortly after midnight July 21 when she allegedly rammed into the back of Danielle Gore-Johnson's Honda, pushing the Honda off the road and into the shoulder and spinning it sideways. The Honda landed against a tree and split in half. 

Gore-Johnson died. 

According to the indictment, Lynn was allegedly driving recklessly and speeding with a blood alcohol count "well above the legal limit," the Westchester County district attorney's office says. She too was injured. Her car started skipping and spinning on the road after hitting the Honda, then flipped over, slid for a vfew hundred feet and landed in the wooded shoulder. Lynn was thrown from the vehicle before it came to a stop and brought the hospital semiconscious but alive. She underwent surgery and treatment for serious injuries and was eventually released from the hospital.

The grand jury indictment accusing her of aggravated vehicular homicide, manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter, all feloies, as well as reckless driving and speeding came down last week. She was released on 420,000 bond after her arraignment and is due back in court later this month. The name of her attorney wasn't immediately clear

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