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Salivating Burglar Busted in New Jersey by DNA Match

Police investigating a home robbery found saliva on the basement stairs - how it got there remains a mystery

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Don't drool while robbing houses in New Jersey - or spit, or lick things, or anything else that might leave your saliva behind.

You might get arrested thanks to a DNA match.

The New Jersey State Police said Wednesday they arrested an alleged burglar after finding his saliva on the stairs of a Burlington County home.

William Clifford, 34, faces burglary and fencing charges for allegedly stealing the copper piping from the home's basement.

While investigating the theft, troopers discovered the spit in question. Investigators collected a sample and found a match to Clifford in a national database. He was subsequently arrested after providing another DNA sample.

The police Public Information Unit said it was not immediately clear how Clifford's saliva ended up on the stairs.

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