And the Safest Place to Raise a Kid in America Is …

New Jersey and Connecticut towns dominate the blog's rankings

What to Know

  • Safewise analyzed violent crime data from the FBI, sex offender populations, population data, state graduation rates and school rankings
  • No places in New York make Safewise's cut
  • More than half of the best places to raise kids are in Connecticut and Jersey, Safewise says

More than half of the top 30 safest places in America to raise a child are in New Jersey and Connecticut, according to a new study by home security system-ranking website Safewise. 

New York is notably absent from the list, which was generated from analysis of violent crime data, sex offender populations, population data, state graduation rates and school rankings. 

Greenwich, Connecticut, and Middletown Township, New Jersey, crack the top five (ranked third and fifth, respectively). Greenwich is touted for its low crime rate, low sex offender population and good schools, while Middletown Township's emphasis on education propelled it near the top of the list. 

South Brunswick Township in New Jersey (10) earns recognition for its high graduation rates and low crime, while Fairfield in Connecticut (12) benefits from strong anti-bullying laws and policies. 

Other local safe towns of note include Manchester Township (14), Monroe Township (15), Franklin Township (16), Toms River Township (18), Edison Township (20), Marlboro Township (22), Bridgewater Township (24), Jackson Township (26) and Hillsborough Township (30) in New Jersey, and West Hartford (25), Milford (28) and Wallingford (29) in Connecticut. 

According to Safewise, the safest place in America to raise a child is Carmel, Indiana. Safewise says Carmel has award-winning schools, an exceptional high school graduation rate, emphasizes the well-being of its youth and has an infrastructure that allows them to thrive. 

To see the complete list and methodology, click here.

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