Russian Fugitive Accused of Drugging, Robbing Dates in NYC Captured: NYPD

A woman wanted on two continents for allegedly killing a neighbor and drugging and robbing people she met online was tracked down in New York City Monday, authorities say. 

Viktoria Nasyrova, wanted for murdering her neighbor in Russia back in 2014, fled her country and hid in plain sight in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, just months after the alleged killing, police say. 

"It couldn't be determined how she was murdered because her body was set ablaze," NYPD Chief of Detectives Bob Boyce said of the victim. 

Boyce told News 4 that Nasyrova's Russian neighbor isn't the only victim of her crimes.

"She's a con artist who meets people online through a dating site and then drugs them at some point, and takes their property from them and flees," said Boyce.

Boyce says the 42-year-old Nasyrova met at least three men on a Russian dating website in New York City, drugged them and ripped them off. He says she's being investigated for drugging a woman and taking her property as well, and Boyce believes there could be more victims.

"She embarked on a life of crime here, and we don't have the whole story yet. We only have bits and pieces," Boyce said.

The international fugitive met her match in retired NYPD detective Herman Weisberg.

The now-private eye from Sage Intelligence Group took the case after the daughter of the murdered Russian woman asked for help.

"It kind of tugged at my heartstrings, and when I heard this long horrible tragic story that just wouldn't end for this lady because there was no end in sight," said Weisberg.

"It was my job to go and locate her," he said.

Weisberg tracked down Nasyrova, who also goes by Mara and Rachel, and the NYPD put her in cuffs.

"It was a travesty that she was walking around here, and now justice is being served," he said.

Boyce and the NYPD are now working to determine if Nasyrova is tied to other crimes.

"We will look for other cases where someone was drugged and property was taken. We're doing that right now," said Boyce.

Police say they have another possible case fitting the drugging and theft in Queens. Anyone who has had contact with the woman is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.

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