Police Investigate After Runner Discovers Macabre Display in Prospect Park

Police launched an unusual investigation after one runner made a surprising, creepy discovery while on a jog in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Wednesday.

The jogger, Kate Steciw, found what appeared to be a human skeleton wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat, a T-shirt, goggles and sweatpants standing up on display behind a wrought iron fence near a path in the southeastern portion of the park, near Ocean Avenue.

Police removed the skeleton on Wednesday and on Thursday determined that it was a plastic prop. But the twisted scene still gave residents pause.

Filling out the tableau were four paintings of flowers arranged in the foreground and an American flag hanging from the trees behind.

The display stopped Steciw in her tracks.

“I took a picture of it and then I got a queasy feeling, because it looked so, so real,” she said.

Steciw said she called police to report the macabre scene, but she had trouble explaining what she saw.

“I was trying to explain to them that it was a skeleton standing upright, dressed in clothes with objects arranged around it,” she said.

Officers came to the park to take a look and eventually carried off the display.

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