Roughly 4 in 5 Manhattan Office Workers Will Not Return Full-Time, Survey Says

The Partnership for New York City said major Manhattan employers expect less than half of their employees to be back to the office by September

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Manhattan's largest employers are starting to plan for the post-COVID future of work, and it seems most of them are giving up on the traditional way of doing things.

Just 22 percent of the island's large employers will require all workers to return to the office full-time when they do eventually go back, according to a Partnership for New York City survey.

Some 66 percent said they would adopt a hybrid model of days in the office and days at home, another 9 percent said they would not require workers to return to the office at all, and 4 percent said it would ultimately be role-dependent.

Whatever model they choose, employers don't seem to be in much of a rush either. Survey respondents said they expect just 45 percent of Manhattan's roughly 1 million office workers to be back to the office by this September.

The nonprofit organization conducted its survey in late February and early March. It was the fourth such poll the group has done in the last year.

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