8 Places to Enjoy Free Outdoor Movies in New York City This Summer

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Azul on the Rooftop
nJune 4: West Side Story
nJune 11: TBD (based on NBA final)
nJune 18: Rocky
nJune 25: The Big Lebowski, in honor of its 20th anniversary
nJuly 2: Wonder Woman
nJuly 9: Goodfellas
nJuly 16: The Warriors
nJuly 30: Grease, in honor of its 40th anniversary
nAugust 6: Black Panther
nAugust 13: Pulp Fiction
nAugust 20: Mean Girls
Movies are every Monday and start at sunset. Click Here.
Tribeca Drive In Dinner and a Movie
nJune 14: La La Land
nJune 15: Chef
nJune 16: The Princess and the Frog
nJuly 12: When Harry Met Sally
nJuly 13: Moonstruck
nJuly 14: Lady and the Tramp
nAugust 9: Mean Girls
nAugust 10: Coming to America
nAugust 11: Elf
Doors open at 5pm and movies start at 7:30pm. Click Here.
Bryant Park Movie Nights Presented by Bank of America
nJune 18: The Breakfast Club
nJune 25: The Philadelphia Story
nJuly 2: A League of Their Own
nJuly 9: Little Miss Sunshine
nJuly 16: Fried Green Tomatos
nJuly 23: The Princess Bride
nJuly 30: When Harry Met Sally
nAugust 6: The Wiz
nAugust 13: Thelma and Louise
nAugust 20: The Terminator
The lawn opens at 5pm for blankets and picnicking, and movies start at sunset. Click Here.
Prospect Park Summer Movies
nJuly 18: The Wizard of Oz
nJuly 25: Alice in Wonderland
nAugust 1: West Side Story
nAugust 8: Space Jam
nMovies are on Wednesdays. Musical entertainment starts at 7 p.m. and films start after sundown. Click Here.
Parklife Movie Mondays
nJune 4: Get Out
nJune 11: Galaxy Quest
nJune 18: The Sting
nJune 25: Clueless
Movies are every Monday and start at sunset. Click Here.
Cinema LIC at LIC Landing
nJune 9: The Wizard of Oz
nJune 15: Moonstruck
nJuly 19: Sleepless in Seattle
nAugust 16: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
nSeptember 15: Ratatouille
nMovies begin around sunset. Click Here.
Citi Summer in the Square (Union Square Park)
nAugust 2: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
nAugust 9: Hairspray
nPlaza opens for seating at 6:30pm, and movies begin at dusk. Click Here.
Outdoor Cinema at Socrates Sculpture Park
nJuly 11: Monsoon Wedding (India)
nJuly 18: Black Mother (Jamaica)
nJuly 25: The Young Girls of Rochefort (France)
nAugust 1: Loveling (Brazil)
nAugust 8: Spirit of the Beehive (Spain)
nAugust 15: Tampopo (Japan)
nAugust 22: Kedi (Turkey)
nAugust 29: The Passionate Thief (Italy)
nMovies are on Wednesdays. Performances and food to honor the film's origin country start at 7pm, and the film starts at 8pm. Click Here.
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