Retired NYPD Cop to Swap “Got Osama” License Plate for Old “Get Osama” Plate


The man who successfully sued the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to keep his "GETOSAMA" license plate will be turning in his old plate for a new one: "GOTOSAMA."

Arno Herwerth, a retired NYPD sergeant, fought the DMV two years ago for the right to keep the plate, which the agency had initially denied him because of its potentially incendiary nature.

He won the lawsuit, and now, upon the death of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, believes his "GETOSAMA" plate is due for an update.
Herwerth rushed to nab the new plate electronically on Monday, but the DMV’s system indicated the plate "GOTOSAMA" had already been taken, reports The New York Post.

Fortunately, a spokeswoman for the DMV told the paper that was only due to a computer glitch and the plate would be available to Herwerth.

"Thankfully they're outdated," he said of the old plates. "He's been gotten, he dead and that's a good thing." 

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