Ex-Correction Officer Throws Tantrum in NYC Deli When She Doesn't Get Penny Back

"I'm the motherf---ing police!" she allegedly shouted

A recently retired correction officer was captured on surveillance video shouting at a Brooklyn deli owner, allegedly yelling “I’m the motherf---ing police!” when she became angry over a missing penny from the change she was given.

Joyce Fields, 48, was making purchases inside the deli at 382 Myrtle Ave., near Clermont Avenue, in Clinton Hill Friday afternoon when she got angry over a penny missing from $14 in change she was given, the store’s owner and officials said.

She demanded the penny, and when he placed it on the counter, she became even more irate that he didn’t place it in her palm, the store owner told NBC 4 New York.

The owner demonstrated how Fields flashed her badge and claimed to be police. Fields then threw her groceries to the floor and damaged other merchandise in the store, video shows.

“She break the cash register and break all the stuff,” said deli owner Zaid Ali Hussein Bin Hadi.

Police responded to Bin Hadi’s call, and Fields was arrested at the scene on charges of impersonating a police officer and criminal mischief, police said.

Fields retired from the Department of Corrections last week, on April 28, after 25 years on the job, according to the department.

Customers couldn’t believe anyone could lash out at Bin Hadi. His deli, a staple on Myrtle Avenue for 20 years, is beloved by neighbors.

“I have seen him let people go without paying full – ‘oh, you don’t have enough money, give me what you got,’” said customer Nurray Yoosuf.

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