Cat-astrophe: Rescue Group Removes “Cat Horde”

It will likely take several weeks to remove the cats

A rescue agency has begun the process of removing 180 cats from a Moriches, Long Island home.

The animals will be taken to a veterinarian for medical attention and spaying or neutering before they are transferred to "no kill" shelters on Long Island and in New York City, said a volunteer with Island Park-based Rescue Ink.

The first 50 felines will be inoculated Wednesday and taken from the home later in the week, Misseri said. It will likely take several weeks to remove all of the cats, the group said.

The "cat horde" was uncovered through a tip from another rescue agency.  Neighbors report a strong stench wafting out of the home.

The resident of the home, Bonnie Edwards, is giving the animals up willingly.  She said she realized she could not afford to feed the animals and didn't know how she ended up with some many.

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