Rainbow Room Restoration Gets a Lift

Future may not be so grim...

Rockefeller Center: Although there have been multiple reports that architects from Gensler have been by the Rainbow Room to pursue plans to turn it into office space, the future for the storied venue may not be so grim. The Observer reports that landlord Tishman Speyer has hired veteran restaurateur Barry Wine, owner of the now shuttered Quilted Giraffe, to bring the venue back to its former glory:

"'Jerry [Speyer] wants it to be the old Rainbow Room again.'..Turns out, they’ve been doing more than talking. Mr. Wine...is now on Rainbow Room landlord Mr. Speyer’s payroll...Whether Mr. Wine has been hired to actually run the storied eatery himself or act as a consultant on the Rainbow Room's future is unclear."

Clearly, a move in the right direction.

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