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Video: Newark Bank Robber Doesn't Make it Across Street Before Red Dye Pack Explodes

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A bank robber accused of making off with thousands of dollars in cash didn't make it far before a red dye pack thrown in by the bank teller exploded — and it was caught on camera.

Police in Newark obtained video of the suspect crossing the street after stealing $2,300 from the Capitol One on Springfield Avenue. The alleged robber entered the bank around 10 a.m. Saturday and presented a teller with a hand written note requesting cash.

"I have a gun give me all the money from the register please, and no one will get hurt," the note read, according to police.

Moments after fleeing the bank, a red dye pack placed among the money exploded as the suspect walked beyond the bank property, police say.

Investigators have shared video of the suspect, seen wearing a white t-shirt and carrying a backpack, in hopes someone can help identify him.

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