Supermarket Worker Accused of Putting Razor Blades in Butter

A supermarket employee has been arrested after razor blades were found inside two packages of butter sold at the New Jersey store.

The 22-year-old worker was charged with food product tampering in connection with the blades found by Best Market customers last month, police said.

The blades were found inside sticks of Kerrygold butter bought at the Holmdel store.

At the time, Best Market said it pulled all Kerrygold butter from its stores and was having store managers inspect each package for signs of tampering. All the Kerrygold butter from the Holmdel store was turned over to the FDA.

The supermarket chain said in a statement: "Best Market would like to assure its customers that after this thorough review, all items for sale on our shelves are believed to be unaltered." 

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