Rat Takes Down Pigeon on New York City Sidewalk

By now everyone knows that New York City rats will eat just about anything, but a 2014 viral video that resurfaced Tuesday shows one merciless rodent go to new heights for a fresh feast.

The nearly 3-minute-long YouTube video, titled “Rat vs. Pigeon in Williamsburg, NY,” shows the rat wrestling an apparently injured pigeon (Warning: video includes graphic language).

“You only see this in New York,” a man can be heard saying off-screen.

The pigeon eventually breaks free, but he’s too slow for the hungry rodent, who scurries towards it, feathers hanging out of its tiny mouth.

The rat makes a jump for its prey and latches onto the bird’s back. It then drags the pigeon across the sidewalk, and, using herculean strength, hoists it over a concrete curb and into some bushes to presumably devour its dinner.

“One disgusting animal eats the other,” says another man off-screen at the end of the video.

Another NYC rat video went viral last month when a rodent with a hankering for pizza was caught lugging a giant slice of pizza down a staircase at a Manhattan subway stop. 

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