Prosecutors: Rapper Supa Sport Arrested

Rapper Supa Sport, whose song with Killer Mike says "the feds taking bricks, trying to stop the game" was arrested Monday on charges of running a drug ring that sold heroin and crack cocaine, according to prosecutors.

Federal prosecutors said the rapper -- whose real name is Carl Barnett -- was among 15 people indicted on drug conspiracy charges. The drug operation was centered near Trenton, N.J., and Morrisville, Pa., and the suspects allegedly called themselves the "Detroit Boyz."

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said the group used an auto body shop called the the Motor City Car Club in Morrisville to run the drug operation. They also allegedly outfitted cars with secret compartments to try to hide the drugs.

Investigators even included some of Supa's rap lyrics in court papers, suggesting art was imitating life in this case.  In Supa Sport's song "Days Like This," featuring Killer Mike, he says:  

"The feds taking bricks, trying to stop the game. I see them watching me, no stopping me, I'm rolling strong, investigating me like they don't see what's going on."

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. (Language may not be safe for work)

But Drug Enforcement Agents said they did see what was going on, and they have many of the drug deals on tape.

They also said they used a confidential informant to help infiltrate the drug ring.

The 77-page indictment seems to outline many drug deals and the recorded conversations associated with them from April through June.

Many of the alleged recordings include profanity and concern by the suspects that some of the heroin and other drugs are not being sold fast enough.

Barnett has not appeared in court and it is unclear who his lawyer is at this time. An email to a representative in Morrisville was not immediately returned. 

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