Teen Pleads Guilty to Park Rape, Attempted Rape of Pregnant Woman Weeks Earlier

A teenager has pleaded guilty to raping a woman on a path in a Long Island park and trying to rape a pregnant woman as she walked home from the train in separate attacks nearly a month apart that put the community on edge.

The 17-year-old Springfield Gardens boy pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree rape, assault and strangulation in connection with the Sept. 1 assault on a 60-year-old woman who was walking alone along a trail near the park's Hendrickson Avenue entrance. Police said the victim was choked, beaten and raped.

The suspect had also been charged with the Aug. 12 attempted rape of a pregnant woman walking along Mill Road from the Valley Stream train station. He pleaded guilty to all charges in that case as well. 

A judge said he expects to send the suspect to jail for 20 years at his sentencing.
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