Benjamin Carroll

Group Rallies to Keep Christopher Columbus Statue in NYC

Dozens of people rallied to keep a statue of Christopher Columbus at Columbus Circle. 

The group of about a hundred people, led by Councilman Joe Borelli, were outside City Hall Wednesday in support of the statue, which honors the 15th century Italian explorer.

There has been a push to take down the statue due to Columbus’ harsh treatment of Native Americans.

Those who support the statue say the statue isn't about the man but about celebrating Italian-American history. They also said removing the statue would be a slippery slope. 

The statue is being looked at as part of Mayor de Blasio’s review of city monuments that was announced in the wake of the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, tied to the removal of Confederate monuments.

The group called on de Blasio to release the criteria his commission is using to judge statues and monuments. 

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