Overnight Freeze Likely in Tri-State

An unseasonable chill is turning this spring weekend into a wet, slushy mess in the tri-state area, Storm Team 4 says.

A Saturday mix of snow and rain was expected to end in the city by late evening and on Long Island and coastal New Jersey by midnight. Very little accumulation is expected.

Expect to deal with heavy winds and frigid temperatures on Saturday night, Storm Team 4 projected. Sensitive plants should be brought inside overnight, as temperatures were expected to fall below freezing.

A freeze warning is in effect for Long Island and all areas in the tri-state that area close to bodies of water.

Some sunshine was expected to return to the tri-state on Sunday, but it was still expected to be breezy and unseasonably chilly, with highs only in the mid-40s.

More wet weather could hit the region late Sunday, and rainy forecasts are in place for Monday and Tuesday.

It'll be in the 50s and low 60s for most of the work week. Wednesday through Friday is projected to be mostly sunny, with a high of 62 anticipated for Friday.

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