New Jersey

Raging Inferno Devours Apartment Building in Passaic: Fire Officials

A raging afternoon blaze devoured part of a residential building in New Jersey Saturday and fire officials are worried the building will collapse.

The blaze began on the top floor of the 46-unit brick building on Gregory Avenue in Passaic, Passaic Fire Chief Patrick Trentacost. 

Firefighters evacuated the building, officials said. Only minor injuries, such as smoke inhalation, have been reported, fire officials said.

About 200 people were displaced by the fire, officials said. Residents were being helped at a gym at a nearby high school. 

Parts of the building had collapsed internally, Trentacost said. He said firefighters are concerned that the entire building would collapse. 

About 150 firefighters responded, but have been unable to control the blaze. They were trying to keep it from spreading to nearby buildings, Trentacost said. 

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