Presidential Candidates Trip up On Subways, Pizza Etiquette in NY Primary Race

John Kasich and Donald Trump were caught using a fork and knife to eat New York City's famously large pizzas. Ted Cruz was welcomed to the Big Apple with a Bronx cheer. Hillary Clinton couldn't seem to swipe a MetroCard to get into the city's subway — while Brooklyn native Bernie Sanders was quoted saying the mass transit system still used tokens.

Each presidential candidate has had a small faux pas ramping up campaigns in the Empire State, which hasn't seen a heavily contested presidential primary in nearly 40 years. 

"For presidential politics, it's sort of an alien place," said Politico's Azi Paybarah. "People have not had to campaign here in years."

Paybarah said its that campaigns might have a little rust on the tires when it comes to campaigning in the state, which is more diverse than states that play a big role in every election, like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. 

New York City, with its more than 8 million residents and hundreds of distinct neighborhoods, also presents special challenges.

"Every block is a neighborhood," Paybarah said. "Every building is a community and you have to understand that every part of the world is represented here."

But some potential voters in Manhattan said they could forgive a candidate taking a knife and fork to a pie -- which even Mayor de Blasio has been caught doing -- if they walk the streets and meet people. 

"Talk to people," said one person. 

Manhattanite Rick Landman added, "I don't care if they think its a token or they can't swipe. I would like to talk about real issues and arguments."

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