Corona Park Meets The Rock: Queens Food Comes to the Plaza

What to Know

  • Nine Vendors Central to Queens International Night Market are setting up an outpost in Rockefeller Plaza.
  • The outpost, which opened Monday, is set to run until August 15th.
  • Among the food being offered are Burmese keema palatas, Antiguan salt fish balls and Polish pierogies.

The Queens Night Market outpost at Rockefeller Center began Monday, and already hungry office workers and tourists are browsing the food stands to sample the international flavors.

Residents of Queens are probably already familiar with the Queens International Night Market, which runs on Saturday nights at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

While the market hosts performances, merchandise vendors and art purveyors, it is best known for its food. This week, nine of the night market’s hallmark food vendors traveled beyond the bounds of Corona Park to set up an outpost in the South Plaza of the Rock.

Celebrating diversity and the area’s immigrant business owners is central to Queens Night Market’s mission. Queens, being the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, is able to offer an expansive international food selection. The night market certainly reflects its home borough’s cultural medley. On its website, the market even describes itself as a means of “celebrating the rich cultural diversity and heritage of NYC and Queens”.

While the outpost at the Rockefeller is a tiny preview of the over fifty businesses present at the original Queens location, the pop-up still captures the diversity of the original market, offering food ranging from soy-sauce noodles to Jerk Chicken.

John Wang, the market’s founder, calls the outpost “a chance to test out the area’s appetite for unique global offerings, and also a chance for some of our dedicated vendors to profit from all the passion and hard work they bring to the Queens Night Market”. The “dedicated vendors” Wang is referring to are:

• Burmese Bites (Palata and Noodles)

• Hong Kong Street Food

• Brooklyn Dumpling (Polish Pierogies & Kopytka)

• Treat Yourself Jerk Chicken

• Lion City Coffee (Singaporean Mee Pok and Chai Tow Kway)

• La’Maoli (Antiguan Ducana & Saltfish)

• Em (Vietnamese Hu Tieu and Bun Rieu)

• Joey Bats Café (Pasteis de Nata)

• Primos Variedades (Tacos al Pastor & Tacos de Canasta)

These vendors will be setting up shop every day from noon to 8 p.m. until August 15th. They represent cuisine from every continent, which makes touring the tiny outpost like touring the world, or from another perspective, just like touring Queens. 

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