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Queens Mom Arraigned as Disturbing Details of Twin Toddlers' Alleged Beating Injuries Emerge: D.A.

The 30-year-old mother was arraigned on assault charges Friday as her toddler son remains in ICU one day after his twin sister died

What to Know

  • Tina Torabi, 30, of Queens, has been arraigned on assault charges after her twin toddlers were found seriously hurt; one later died
  • At her arraignment Friday, prosecutors said the boy remains in pediatric ICU with serious injuries; the girl died on Thursday
  • An autopsy is being conducted on the girl's body; more charges could arrive for the mother depending on the outcome

A Queens mother has been arraigned on assault, reckless endangerment and child endangerment charges after her young toddler twins were found seriously hurt at home late Wednesday, one of whom later died, police say. 

Tina Torabi, 30, didn't say anything to reporters as she was led out of the 111th Precinct station in Bayside Friday evening, but shook her head no when asked if she hurt her child. 

Her 1-year-old twins, Elaina and Kian, were found seriously hurt inside their Ashby Avenue home in Auburndale after the mother called 911 and said her daughter was unresponsive. Elaina died soon after at Flushing Hospital Medical Center, and Kian remains in serious condition at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

The D.A.'s office said police found a filthy basement apartment where the mother, the twins and three other children lived. Prosecutors said a butcher knife was out, there was a cough syrup bottle on the floor, and other bottles and garbage strewn about. 

Prosecutors also described a dirty mattress without covers, a filthy fridge and even dirty car seat on the floor. 

They did not, however, spell out exactly what happened to the twin toddlers that led to the multiple scratches, fractures and internal injuries found on both of their bodies. Law enforcement sources previously told News 4 that the girl had a puncture wound laceration to the back of her head, and a laceration to her stomach, as well as cigarette burns. The boy, meanwhile, has several cracked ribs and a fractured pelvis, contusions on his lungs, a healing bite mark and other injuries, according to the D.A.'s office. 

Tina Torabi's three other daughters inside the home, ages 2, 4, and 5, were not hurt. They are in ACS custody.

Torabi's defense attorney told reporters that she was a victim of domestic violence, and that the Administration for Children's Services had been to the home recently and never documented any injuries. He declined to comment beyond that, saying, "We'll see what happens in court." 

Police previously said the father of the children does not live at the home and shows up there intermittently.

Torabi's family was also inside court watching the proceedings. They appeared confused when asked about the charges, and said, "No, this really is not a good time."

The mother is being held without bail and is due back in court on Oct. 26. An autopsy is being performed on Elaina, and more charges could be on the way pending the outcome of that. 

A neighbor of the family, Judanna Cavallo, told News 4 on Thursday she was shocked by the allegations. 

"They were always well-kept, beautiful children, and if I had ever noticed the slightest thing amiss, I would have been the first one to say something," she said.  

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