Body Dug Up in Queens Backyard May Be Missing Man: Official

Police have discovered human remains buried in the Queens backyard of a man who has been missing for a week, a law enforcement official tells NBC 4 New York. 

Police responded to the Putnam Avenue home of 60-year-old Frank Soucie in Ridgewood Tuesday when a neighbor reported seeing someone throwing out an unusually large bag in the trash.

Detectives found a burnt sleeping bag in the garbage, then searched the home and went onto the roof, where they discovered gloves and ammonia.

Detectives also spotted fresh dirt in the backyard of the building, according to the law enforcement official. They dug up the shallow grave and discovered the remains.

Police are investigating whether the body is that of Soucie, who was reported missing about a week ago.

Soucie, who neighbors said was a retired postal worker, was reported missing by family members last Monday. He has two sons and lived in the Ridgewood home with his girlfriend, who also has grown children.

Police want to question one of the girlfriend's adult children, a son, according to law enforcement officials. 

Meanwhile, neighbors decried the possible slaying of Soucie, a kind man who they say always kept a watchful eye over the community.

"He was always outside -- rain, sleet, storm, whatever it was, he was outside, so I called him the security guard," said neighbor Norma Aparicio. "He was always keeping an eye on the block and on everyone." 

"He always said 'Good morning,' 'How are you?'" said Anna Marie Paredes.  

Neighbors said police have been canvassing the area and that they came with K-9 units on Sunday. 

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