Yorkie Puppy Stolen From Brooklyn Pet Store Found After Bizarre Hunt for Clues

The owner of Puppy Paradise is pleading for the return of the Yorkie, saying it needs special care

The adorable Yorkie puppy snatched from a Brooklyn pet store last month has been found after a mystery woman led the owner on a bizarre hunt for clues throughout the borough.

The 8-week-old puppy, who needs special feedings and medication because it's so young, was stolen from David Dietz's Puppy Paradise in Marine Park on Feb. 16 while employees were busy helping other customers in the store.

Surveillance video captured images of the teenage boys allegedly involved in the theft and police managed to track them down. The two of them were charged with grand larceny. But there was still no sign of the Yorkie.

This week, nearly a month after the pup had vanished, Dietz's partner received a mysterious call from an unidentified woman who said she wanted to return the animal, according to The New York Post.

The anonymous caller said she would call back with instructions the next day, and when she did, Dietz answered.

He was told to go to East 87th Street and Farragut Road and look for a note on a tree, reports the Post. When Dietz got there, he found a note that instructed him to go to the Flatbush Avenue triangle by Walgreens, where he'd find the dog in a box at a food store.

Barely stopping to puzzle over the bizarre nature of the hunt to recover his dog, Dietz rushed over to the designated area and asked the owner of a diner there if anyone had seen a person with a box. The owner led Dietz inside the diner and sure enough, the Yorkie was there -- a little panicked, but otherwise OK, reports the Post.

Dietz said the puppy looked plump and well cared for.

As for the mystery woman who returned the dog, "someone did the right thing," Dietz told the Post.

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