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Puppy Picked Up by Police Has Time of His Life, Reddit Reacts With Puns

"You have the right to remain a good boy"

Woof, woof! It's the sound of the police. 

A puppy appeared to have the time of its life on Tuesday after it was picked up by police who saw it walking the streets by itself.

The Henrico County Police Division posted a photo of the lost pup on its Facebook page asking for help to "find my human" and detailing just some of what he got up to while in custody.

"The weather today was too nice not to take a stroll, while on a walk (by myself) I was able to get a ride-along with a nice officer and he let me yell out of the window -- #BedoBedoBedo!!," the post reads.

"Did you know they are taking applications for new officers? I wonder if they’ll let me try out for K9? Well anyway... If you know who my human is, please ask them to call the Henrico Animal Shelter."

The adorable post had more than 700 shares.

The photo of the puppy looking elated with its head out the window was even posted to Reddit, where it had more than 43,000 upvotes.

The Internet then went to work competing on the best dog puns.

"You have the right to remain a good boy," one user posted.

"Everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of paw."

"Had to let them out early, he signed a flea bargain," another quipped.

Just as the Redditors were likely running out of puns Wednesday, the police division announced the humans had been found.

It posted a follow up photo series of the pup being reunited with its owners.

"We are very happy to report the 8 month old pup 'Dew' has been reunited with his humans! I'm told he was VERY excited to see them that he couldn't sit still.

"No doubt he was telling them about his adventures, his ride-along and the officer letting him make the siren sound of the window (dogs love doing that)."

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