Thousands of Protesters Swarm Union Square in 4th Straight Day of Anti-Trump Demonstrations in New York City

Since Tuesday's election, New York City has been gripped by a number of large demonstrations

Protesters flooded Manhattan's Union Square Saturday in a fourth straight day of rallies against the election of Donald Trump.

Thousands of protesters marched at Union Square Saturday afternoon to vocalize their objection to the president-elect and his policies. Police estimate the number of protesters to be over 5,000 people.

Two people were arrested during the peaceful Manhattan protests. Officers allowed participants to continue the demonstration, but warned them not to stand on or climb the barricades parked in front of Trump Towers otherwise they'd be arrested.

Homemade picket signs bobbed throughout the sea of protesters, several of which read "love trumps hate" in black block letters.

"We reject the president-elect!" the crowd chanted as protesters started marching up Fifth Avenue. Some climbed the poles of scaffolding and stood on them, holding protest signs while pumping their firsts in the air.

Filmmaker Michael Moore unsuccessfully tried to meet with Donald Trump at Trump Tower in midtown while protests were still underway on Saturday. 

Traffic delays and intermittent street closures were present throughout Manhattan on Saturday afternoon, including the Union Square area and East 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. 

Meanwhile, protests continued Saturday in Chicago, where demonstrations have also formed in the days since the election.

The Chicago protest began at 10 a.m. at Millennium Park. The crowd of about one thousand people then marched down Michigan Avenue, chanting things like "the people united will never be divided," and "we reject the president-elect."

In Los Angeles, 200 people were arrested after police began to break up a protest that began Friday night and lingered into the early hours of Saturday morning. Three juveniles were also arrested for vandalizing a police cruiser and throwing a bottle at police officers.

Violence struck a demonstration in Portland, Oregon when one person was shot by a man who had gotten into a confrontation with a protester. The shooting follows a rowdy Friday night protest, when Portland police used tear gas in response to "burning projectiles" thrown at officers, police said on Twitter.

The demonstrations have rippled globally, as protesters in Berlin gathered around Brandenburg Gate to rally against Donald Trump.

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