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Protesters Demand Firing of MTA Employees Accused of Driving Through BLM Group

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The MTA says it doesn't have sufficient information to take actions against two employees accused of driving through a group of protesters in early July.

Protesters resumed their chants in front of MTA headquarters Friday calling for the termination of the employees they say were in the SUV seen on video driving Black Lives Matter supporters last month.

"Do the right thing," protesters shouted as they continued their six-week call for action. The incident occurred back on July 7 near Bryant Park on 42nd Street in Manhattan.

In a letter shared with NBC New York, transit officials confirm the two employees at the center of the incident went under investigation.

"The information reported by news organizations and social media was not sufficient for us to take any actions. If law enforcement or other authorities had made any relevant determinations about the July 7th incident, we would take those into account," wrote Special Investigations & Review Acting Chief Officer Miranda Grant.

Grant's letter stated the men were not on duty and were not using MTA property at the time.

The NYPD confirmed neither men were charged for the July 7 incident. They add it appeared no protesters were physically struck by the SUV, although a bike was seen in the video crushed and briefing dragged underneath the vehicle.

"You would think that for a company whose job it is to manage big trains and big buses, very big motor vehicles, that priority numero uno would be to have people behind the wheel who can safely operate those motor vehicles," one of the protesters said Friday.

"Leadership has to do something now and if you're serious about caring about Black lives, do something," another speaker said.

The MTA has not yet responded to questions regarding the employment status of the two employees.

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