New Jersey

Pros Eyed in 90-Second ATM Heist at NJ Chase Bank; Loose Cash Scattered in Parking Lot

The thieves sped off in a different car than the one they used to hoist the standalone ATM off its platform, police said, leaving plenty of cash scattered in the parking lot as they fled the scene

chase bank atm thieves
South Brunswick Police

Police in New Jersey are looking for whoever stole an ATM from a Chase Bank and drove off with it, leaving drag marks -- and loose cash -- in the parking lot on their way out, authorities say.

The standalone ATM was yanked from the bank on Route 1 in South Brunswick around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, authorities said. Police declined to say how much cash was taken, describing it as tens of thousands of dollars.

Thousands more dollars were left scattered in the parking lot at the bank, and cops spent some time picking up the cash to return it to the bank, officials said.

Police believe the thieves used a stolen car with chains to pull the ATM from its platform, all in 90 seconds. The stolen car was left at the scene and the suspects took off in a van. All that, combined with the fact they had on hoods and gloves, leads them to believe it was a professional heist, police officials close to the investigation said.

No arrests had been made as of mid-afternoon Thursday. The investigation is ongoing.

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