Town Hall Presidential Debate Questions to Come from Nassau County Residents

The audience of "uncommitted voters" was chosen by the Gallup Organization

President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney will answer questions from so-called "uncommitted" Long Island voters Tuesday night in a "town hall" style format for their second official debate of the campaign.

The audience of about 100 was recruited by the Gallup Organization, which picked a random sample of Nassau County residents. Each resident was asked a series of questions about voting status and candidate choice.

Uncommitted voters are those who either have no preference for Obama or Romney, or who may have a preference but are not committed and say there is still a chance they could vote for the other person.

The debate begins at 9 p.m. Several coin tosses decided the order of introductions and questioning; Obama will be introduced first and Romney will take the first question.

CNN's Candy Crowley is moderating the debate. The candidates will get two minutes to respond to a question and then each candidate will get one minute to follow up.

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