Long Island Prepares Early for Gulf Oil Reaching Shore

The oil spill in the Gulf may reach the Long Island shores. But the Nassau County Office of Emergency is prepared.

Thursday, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced efforts to review and modify the County’s Oil Spill Response Plan and begin planning for the potential of Gulf oil reaching the Northeast shorelines. 
“The BP Gulf oil spill is a disaster of epic proportion for states impacted by its reach. With no end in sight, Nassau County has begun preparing should the Gulf oil spill reach Long Island shores,” Mangano said.
The Nassau County Office of Emergency Management and the County Department of Heath began creating preliminary plans two weeks ago.

In addition to tracking the spill, the county has been in contact with and is receiving updates and copies of plans from Jackson County, Mississippi, and Lee County, Florida. 
A meeting for the NYC, Suffolk County, and New York State Office’s of Emergency Management and the US Coast Guard is scheduled for June 16th. Members will discuss the potential impact of Gulf oil reaching LI shores.

“In partnership with our other municipalities, Nassau County is drafting an Oil Spill Response Plan to address any local impact,” Mangano said.

Nassau County’s Oil Spill Response Plan was put into place in 2006, when the Kristin Poling coastal tanker ship carrying 16,000 barrels of home heating oil ran aground. The Unified Command ensured no damage was done.

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