Children, Parents Warned After 3 Attempted Lurings in Westchester

Westchester parents and police are on high alert after a spate of attempted lurings of teenage girls this week.

Since Monday, there have been three separate reports of predatory men trying to lure young girls into their cars. 

Rye Police have released a sketch of the man they believe tried to lure two 13-year-old girls into his car on Monday.

The man stopped the girls near school, asked for directions and then exposed himself to them, police said.

On Wednesday, two similar incidents were reported in Mount Kisco. Police say a man spotted a girl in her window on Langland Drive and tried to wave her into his car.

Nearby on Grove Street a man drove up to an 11-year-old girl who was walking and tried to lure her into his car. Luckily both knew better and told their parents, police said.

As a result, Westchester teens like Julianna Decker are now getting rides from their parents, who are afraid of a possible predator.

"When you hear guys are riding around doing that it's scary and weird," Decker said.

Mom Annette Vellucci said it was "frightening". "As a parent you never want to hear anything like that," she said.

As a result of the attempted lurings, security has been stepped up at local schools. County Executive Rob Astorino held a press conference on Friday with a strong message for children approached by strangers: "Get loud, get away and get help," he said.

He also told children what to do if they get grabbed.

"Yell, fight, drop to the ground, grab another object like a telephone pole to make it harder for someone to get you into their car."

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