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Port Authority Police Superintendent Abruptly Retires Amid Rush Limbaugh Escort Probe

Michael Fedorko's recent police escort of Rush Limbaugh from Newark Airport to Manhattan stirred controversy

What to Know

  • Port Authority Police Superintendent Michael Fedorko abruptly retired Monday amid an investigation into a police escort for Rush Limbaugh
  • The Port Authority's ethics policy states it's a conflict of interest to use Port Authority vehicles or resources for non-agency reasons
  • Fedorko's retirement is effective immediately

Port Authority Police Superintendent Michael Fedorko abruptly announced his retirement Monday, less than a week after News 4 reported investigators were looking into a recent "lights and sirens" escort provided for Rush Limbaugh. 

The agency's Inspector General had opened an investigation into the escort Fedorko gave the conservative radio show host from Newark Liberty International Airport to Manhattan, where he was a last-minute speaker at a charity dinner, News 4 reported Wednesday. 

Limbaugh admitted as much on his radio show during a segment in April, saying, "So they sent the superintendent of the Port Authority to Newark to meet me for lights and sirens into Manhattan to make sure I got there in time. And we did." 

The Port Authority's ethics policy states it's a conflict of interest for a Port Authority employee to use his or her position to achieve or appear to achieve personal financial gain or other advantage. It's also against the ethics code to use Port Authority resources or vehicles for non-Port Authority purposes. 

Critics, including New Jersey Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who uncovered the notorious George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal, called it an abuse of both power and taxpayer resources. 

Fedorko, a Vietnam War veteran, was appointed to the superintendent position in July 2009. His retirement is effective immediately.

The Port Authority acknowledged Fedorko's immediate retirement in a statement released Monday afternoon, but did not include comment on the Limbaugh escort investigation. 

"We thank Superintendent Fedorko not only for his service to the Port Authority, but for the dedication of his career to service to our region and country," the statement said, in part.

Edward Cetnar, a 27-year veteran of the New Jersey State Police who has served as Port Authority's deputy superintendent since 2014, has been named acting police superintendent in Fedorko's place.

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