Snowstorm Melt Forces Commuters to Dodge Ceiling Leaks at Port Authority Bus Terminal

The massive melt from Thursday's snowstorm is forcing commuters to dodge leaks inside the Port Authority Bus Terminal, NBC 4 New York has found.

Twenty-seven garbage cans are being used to collect water from leaking ceilings on the second floor of the sprawling building, NBC 4 found. Some of the water was dripping freely from places like light fixtures, but much of it was being funneled through plastic-and-garden hose contraptions attached to the ceilings.

“It’s typical Port Authority,” said Brian Ashley, a West New York resident who travels through the terminal daily. “Makeshift fixes going on all over the place all the time.”

In addition to the garbage cans, NBC 4 observed water being mopped up by Port Authority employees using absorbent pads.

Port Authority said in a statement that the staff was working to address the leaks resulting from the storm.

"In addition, construction will soon begin to address areas that have been subject to leaks following severe storms,” the Port Authority said.

“It’s an old building,” said Ashley, shrugging at the mess. “They’re thinking about putting up a new Port Authority somewhere else.”

But plans for a new bus terminal have not been finalized and officials say the new building would likely not be completed before 2030. In the meantime, the Port Authority said it’s doing what it can, citing a $90 million "quality of commute" program over the past two years that has included lighting improvments, renovation of public restrooms, and improved Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. 

"Just as importantly, the agency’s partnerships with bus carriers have resulted in improved bus performance, reduced crowding within the terminal and reduced congestion on nearby streets," the agency said in a statement. 

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