Christie Says He May Issue Executive Order to Change Name of Sandwich from ‘Pork Roll' to ‘ Taylor Ham'

Many in the northern part of New Jersey call the processed meat Taylor ham, while those in the south call it pork roll

Gov. Chris Christie has weighed in on an ongoing beef involving a popular pork sandwich in New Jersey.

Christie said Wednesday on 101.5 FM that sandwich popular in diners across the state should be known as a "Taylor ham, egg and cheese." 

Many in the northern part of the state call the processed meat Taylor ham, while those in the south call it pork roll. Christie is from Livingston in northern New Jersey and lives in the northern part of the state as well.

The issue came up when a state lawmaker recently introduced legislation to designate the meal the state's official breakfast sandwich.

Legislation might not be necessary to settle the dispute: Christie says he may issue an executive order. 

Organizers of the Trenton Pork Roll Festival have organized a social media campaign against the potential order.

In a Facebook message to the governor, organizers wrote: "We understand why you wanted to weigh in on the Pork Roll - vs - Taylor Ham debate. It's a topic that stirs up so much porcine passion, fans on both sides of the trough feel compelled to make their allegiances known... But we just have to set the record straight. It's called PORK ROLL, not Taylor Ham." 

At its upcoming annual pork roll festival Saturday, festival organizers say, "there will be Pork Roll and thousands of Pork Roll loves who know darn well there's no such thing as Taylor Ham. Taylor Pork Roll? Yes. Taylor Ham? Nope."

"Watch and learn, Governor Christie. The people's meat of NJ is called Pork Roll," the letter said. 

Taylor is the brand name for pork roll made by Trenton-based Taylor Provisions, Inc. It was originally called "Taylor's Prepared Ham" when it came out in the late 19th century, but had to change its name to "pork roll" since the product didn't meet the new legal definition of ham, according to 

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