Poll: Most NYers Would Decline to Dine With Bloomberg for Thanksgiving

Sorry Mayor Bloomberg, looks like you're going to have to eat Thanksgiving Dinner on your own this year.

More than half -- 56 percent -- of New Yorkers say they wouldn’t invite Bloomberg to Thanksgiving dinner, with Democrats being most likely to turn down the Mayor, according to a Quinnipiac poll released today.

"Happy holiday, Mayor Mike, but you'll still have to have Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends - not with the voters," said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute in a press release.

Republican voters were split 49-49 percent, while Independent and Democratic voters declined to dine with the mayor at 56 and 57 percent, respectively.

Since 2003, when the poll was first taken, most New Yorkers have said that they would not want to have Thanksgiving with Bloomberg. However, his popularity around the dinner table has gone down slightly since its peak in 2005, when only 53 percent said they would not want him to dine with him. In 2003, the number was at 61 percent.

"Partly for fun, partly to see how close voters felt to Mayor Mike, we asked when he was new on the job if they'd like to have Thanksgiving dinner with the mayor, and mostly New Yorkers said no,” said Carroll. “We asked again now that the neighbors have gotten to know him. Sorry, Mayor, the numbers have improved only a bit."

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