Cops Deploy Stun Gun on Screaming Pregnant Teen in Scuffle, Video Shows

Dailene Rosario was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, harassment and disorderly conduct, but she said there was never any need for a stun gun

WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some viewers.

The NYPD says it's conducting an internal review over a video showing officers deploying a stun gun on a pregnant 17-year-old girl as they were arresting her in a Bronx apartment building last week.

The video from the Feb. 10 incident shows several officers surrounding the teen, who cries, "Get off!" 

"I'm pregnant!" she screams as one officer attempts to handcuff her behind her back. 

She winds up on the floor, where an officer shoots a stun gun at her, prompting her to cry, "Oh, my God," as she continues to writhe on the floor, video shows.

A man recording the scene is heard saying, "She's pregnant, she's pregnant." 

The video doesn't show what led to the fracas inside the building at 707 East 242nd St., but a criminal complaint released by the Bronx district attorney's office states that the teen, Dailene Rosario, hit officers as they tried to arrest her last Friday night.

Rosario told NBC 4 New York Tuesday that the officers were responding to another incident inside the building when they caught wind of an argument between her boyfriend and her sister's boyfriend upstairs. 

Rosario, who was standing outside the apartment, allegedly shouted, "Why don't we all go to jail?" according to the complaint. When an NYPD officer asked what was going on inside the apartment, she told her, "Nothing, we don't need you." Rosario then ducked into her apartment. 

The officer went to leave but returned when she heard Rosario and another woman shouting and getting into a physical fight. As the officer approached, Rosario shouted at her, "I don't wanna talk to you, I just wanna leave," according to the complaint. 

The officer said she just wanted to speak to Rosario, and Rosario responded, "I just wanna go, I just wanna go," then shoved the officer into the doorframe of the apartment, the complaint states. 

Rosario told NBC 4 New York that she simply wanted to go back into her apartment but officers wouldn't let her in. 

The complaint says that when other officers tried to arrest Rosario, she "threw herself to the floor, flailed her arms, and sat on her hands, refusing to be handcuffed," as she yelled, "Yo, why are you cuffing me, I didn't do anything."

The complaint made no mention of a stun gun being used to subdue Rosario, though video shows the electric prongs shooting from the gun toward the teen on the floor.

"I was screaming I was pregnant -- the female officers when they came up, my sisters told the officers I was pregnant," she said. 

Rosario was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, harassment and disorderly conduct. Her doctor says her 14-week-old unborn girl is OK, but she's shaken up and wants answers from the NYPD.

"What was the point? There was no need for it. You tell me a reason why you needed a Taser," she said. 

The argument between the two men that led to the scuffle was over a video game, Rosario said. Her sister's boyfriend was also arrested that night. 

"It led to both of us going to jail, me getting Tased. For what?" Rosario said. 

The NYPD had no further comment other than to say the video and incident are under review. 

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