Police Shoot, Kill Dog That Mauled Girl Waiting for School Bus in New Jersey : Authorities, Witnesses

Police shot and killed a dog that attacked a young girl waiting for the school bus in New Jersey Friday morning and then turned on its owner, witnesses and authorities say. 

Witnesses say that the pit bull managed to escape from its house and charged the girl, who was waiting for the bus at West 20th Street in Bayonne at about 9 a.m. They tell NBC 4 New York that the dog attacked the girl, biting her head and drawing blood.

Several people, including the bus driver and one of the animal's owners, rushed to the child's aid. They were able to free the girl. The dog then apparently went after its owner.

By that time, police say they arrived at the scene and the animal was shot to death. Witnesses say that the owner was pleading for officers' help before the animal was killed.

Witnesses said that the dog hadn't been vicious toward people in the past, but one of its owners had died on Wednesday. They're not sure why the animal went after the girl. 

The age of the child who was attacked wasn't known. She was treated at a hospital and released, a large bandage wrapped around her forehead.

The dog's owner, who had hand injuries, and another man who hurt his hand punching the dog, were also taken to the hospital. 

It's not clear if the dog's owners will face any charges. 

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