New Jersey

Razor Blades Found in New Jersey Parking Meters: Police

Authorities are warning drivers parking in one New Jersey town to watch out for razor blades when they put money in meters.

Rutherford police say eight utility knife blades have been found in borough parking meter coin slots over the last six months, most recently on Monday. 

The blades were found in meters along Park Avenue, Ridge Road, the Kip Garage and The Park and Ride, Rutherford Police Chief John Russo said.

"It may be a disgruntled resident who doesn't want to pay the parking, but it could be someone definitely trying to injure someone," Russo told "Either way someone could really get hurt."

Russo says investigators are processing fingerprints pulled from the meters where the razors were found.

Police posted an alert on the borough's website urging residents and visitors to be "mindful and vigilant when depositing monies into parking meters."

Anyone who discovers a razor blade in a meter or sees someone putting one in a meter is asked to contact the Rutherford Police Department at 201-939-6000.

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