NJ Cop Arrests 102 Drunk Drivers in 2013, Most in State

"It's sad that there are that many drunk drivers," says police officer Bob Westfall

A vigilant Toms River police officer appears to have made the most DWI arrests in New Jersey this past year, according to an unofficial estimate from the State Police.

Officer Bob Westfall said he's proud of the 102 arrests he made, almost doubling the 62 he racked up in 2012.

"It's scary, but it's 102 less people who were potential killers on our streets," Westfall said.

Over 95 percent of Westfall's arrests have ended in a conviction or plea deal.

The secret to Westfall's success is not waiting outside bars for their closing hour, which he tried with limited success.

Instead, it's cruising and watching.

"I'm looking for the person who is not able to first and foremost maintain his lane," Westfall said.

Westfall administers an alcohol breath test when he pulls over drivers, which confirms they are intoxicated. 

He couldn't explain why his total in 2013 was so much higher than in previous years, but he did admit "I'll be doing this to the day I retire."

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