NYPD Detective Accused of DWI After Partner Shot in Wrist

An NYPD detective was arrested early Thursday and accused of drunk driving after his partner was somehow shot in the wrist while they were on duty.

Police say Detective Jay Poggi, 58, and his partner were on duty in Queens overnight when the gun apparently went off.

According to a law enforcement source, Poggi, a 31-year veteran, and his partner work out of the 75th precinct in Brooklyn but were in Queens to follow up on a lead in a robbery they were investigating. 

At some point, Poggi took out his revolver and was showing his partner the hammer when the gun discharged, wounding his partner in the wrist, authorities say. 

The officers went to Jamaica Hospital, and an investigation began when Poggi was observed with bloodshot eyes. 

Poggi's blood alcohol level was .11 in an initial field breath test, the Queens district attorney's office said. He later refused to submit to a breath alcohol exam at the 112th Precinct station.

His partner, who has been with the NYPD for 12 years, is in stable condition at the hospital. 

Poggi is due back in court in June. A message was left with Poggi's attorney, and the detectives union declined comment.

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