Police Discover Weapons Arsenal at L.I. Home, Enough Explosives to “Blow Up Entire Block”

Unspecified charges are pending against Marc Ringel, whose parents owned the home.

Police investigating a marijuana scent at a Long Island home discovered an arsenal of guns, grenades and bomb-making material that would have been enough to "blow up the entire block," NBC New York has learned. 

Police officers went to the home on Narrow Lane in Woodmere after an alarm went off Tuesday afternoon and found Marc Ringel, 53, without identification, according to authorities. 

"As soon as he opens the door, the officers are struck by a very pungent smell of marijuana," said Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lack, of Nassau County Police. "They also see what appears to be a black semi-automatic handgun right inside the door, as well as what appears to be two military-style hand grenades." 

Police took Ringel into custody and evacuated about 20 homes on the block as a precaution while they searched the rest of the home.

During their search, police discovered a massive cache of weapons, including 100 handguns, 20 rifles, 15 pipe bombs, 15 handmade grenades and 50 pounds of bomb-making material, police said. 

In addition to the weapons, police found a marijuana greenhouse as well as a pit in the backyard with a wire that extended into the house. Police believe Ringel used the pit to test explosives. 

The home is owned by Ringel's parents, who live in Florida during the winter. Police said they weren't sure the parents knew Ringel was living in the house. 

At this point, authorities do not know of any motive Ringel had for developing the arsenal, nor what he planned to do with it. Investigators, with the help of the FBI, are delving into his background and searching the house for writings that may indicate his plans. 

County Executive Ed Mangano called Ringel "a potential madman." 

Ringel has one prior criminal conviction, but it is unrelated to any weapons or bomb charges. He is a divorced high school graduate.

Pending charges against Ringel are unspecified at this point. It wasn't known if he had an attorney.

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