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NYPD: Suspect Shot in Bronx When He Turns Gun on Cops

It marks the fourth shooting involving law enforcement in New York City in a week

What to Know

  • Police have shot a suspect in the Bronx after he allegedly turned his gun on plainclothes officers
  • The officers had been driving when they heard gunshot and encountered the suspect, who had allegedly just shot another man
  • No officers were injured; the suspect and the man he shot were both taken to the hospital

A suspect was shot by police in the Bronx Wednesday night moments after he shot another man and then pointed his gun at the plainclothes officers who confronted him, police said. 

Plainclothes police officers were driving in the area of White Plains Road and East 241st Street in Wakefield when they heard about three to five gunshots and came across the suspect, who had just shot another man in the torso, police said. 

"There was two people fighting -- and push comes to shove, one person got up and just started shooting," a witness named Doug said. 

When the plainclothes officers confronted the armed man and ordered him to drop the weapon, he turned his gun at them, according to police. The officers fired and hit him.

The suspect collapsed. Police radio transmissions reveal officers on the scene calling for an ambulance after reporting a man wearing all black had been shot.

"I need a bus, we need more cars," one officer could be heard saying.

"Confirm male shot, bus is rolling."

"Perp in custody, no perp outstanding." 

The suspect was taken to an area hospital, along with the man he shot. The suspect is in stable condition and the victim is in critical condition, police said. No officers were injured. 

The suspect's silver gun was recovered on the scene, police said. 

Witnesses described a chaotic scene as bullets were fired by a busy subway station. 

"It was like right there and I was like, 'I need to hide,'" said Zoe Figueroa. 

The NYPD initially said the suspect fired his gun at officers but later clarified the suspect never shot the gun -- just pointed it toward them. 

This marks the fourth shooting involving law enforcement in New York City in a week.

Last Wednesday, police fired at least 20 rounds during the shootout with a drug suspect in the Bronx, hitting two bystanders at the scene, the NYPD said. On Saturday, an FBI agent was shot while conducting surveillance in Brooklyn; on Sunday night, an NYPD officer was shot during a standoff with a blade-wielding suspect, getting hit by fellow officers' gunfire. The suspect in that case was killed. 

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