Police-Involved Shooting in Bronx Forces Voters to Detour Around School

A suspected robber was grazed by a bullet fired by undercover cops as he and two other suspects fought with their victim on a Bronx street, a city official says. 

According to local councilman Rafael Salamanca, three men tried robbing a building superintendent on East 164th Street Tuesday afternoon.

A fight ensued and spilled out onto the street, where one of the suspects allegedly took out a gun. Two undercover officers were driving by at the time and saw what was going on and intervened, according to Salamanca. 

Gunfire was exchanged between the cops and the suspects, who apparently didn't know they were shooting at police officers, who were undercover. 

The two others took off and forced their way into a woman's home to hide the gun, Salamanca said. The officers caught up with the suspects and arrested both men; one of the suspects was grazed by a bullet during the struggle inside.

Police have taken two suspects into custody. One other is still being sought. 

Salmanca said the police investigation closed off the street leading to Bronx Regional High School, forcing voters on Election Day to detour around the block, taking an extra five minutes to get in to vote. 

"We're encouraging everyone to do that so they can execute their right to vote," he said. 

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