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Police Chase in the Sky After Chopper Makes Landing in Brooklyn Empty Lot

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A vacant lot in the middle of Brooklyn suddenly came alive Thursday with the arrival of an unexpected visitor from the sky.

The surprise landing of a helicopter in a Crown Heights lot shocked neighbors and triggered a police pursuit to an airfield in New Jersey.

"I've seen a lot of crazy things in Crown Heights, I haven't seen a helicopter until yesterday," Shantel Morris said.

Morris whipped out her phone and started recording the helicopter landing from her apartment window Thursday afternoon as the thunderous arrival of the aircraft sent a shock through the neighborhood.

"The pilot came out, there was a couple in there, he let the couple out. They just casually walked on by and went about their day. The pilot hopped right back in and after about a minute or so it just floats up and flies away again," Morris said.

The Robinson R-66 helicopter landed in the lot at the corner of Troy Avenue and Carol Street in the middle of the afternoon. It's register to an LLC with a Delaware address.

Ezriel lives on the other side of the lot, which he says has been empty for years. He's a pilot himself, and says the chopper landed twice in a span of 15 minutes.

At first he thought it might be an emergency landing, and said he was more impressed than concerned.

"It's a very steep descent. Then he had to do a full power takeoff in between buildings like that, he has to be a good pilot," he said.

Police interview the helicopter pilot at an airport in New Jersey. (Photo: The Lakewood Scoop)

NYPD members of the Aviation Unit followed the aircraft down to Lakewood Airport in New Jersey after receiving multiple calls. Video from The Lakewood Scoop captured the moment the NYPD crew landed and approached the other helicopter.

Police tell News 4 they identified the pilot and notified the FAA, which is looking into the incident.

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