Alleged Robbers Chased by Cops, Crash Vehicle: NYPD

A wild police chase of a pair of armed robbers in Brooklyn led to a violent crash in which the suspects' vehicle flipped over in the middle of the street before they fled on foot, authorities say. 

A 22-year-old victim on Milford Street called 911 Friday afternoon to report that two armed men burst into his home and forced him to turn over money and his car keys, according to police. He provided the 911 dispatcher with a description of the suspects and their car and license plate number.

Officers were en route to the location when they spotted the suspects' vehicle on Linden Boulevard, police said. They lost sight of the car, but a second team of officers went in the vehicle's direction.

The second team of officers found the red 2004 Nissan Maxima flipped over at the intersection of Linden Boulevard and Hinsdale Street, unoccupied, police said. Firefighters on the scene told police they saw a suspect running away by scaling a nearby fence and the other running down Linden Boulevard and hopping into a livery cab. 

Officers located the cab while conducting a grid search of the area and placed the suspect inside under arrest. Police recovered two weapons from the scene. 

The other suspect has not been located. 

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