Police Catch Wrestlers in Fake Fight–Outside of the Ring

OK, we know pro wrestling matches are fake, right? Right?

But when two pro wrestlers got it on at a restaurant in South Brunswick early Saturday morning, they were still faking it.

At least, that's what they admitted to police there but that didn't keep them out of jail.

It seems that 'Balls Mahoney,' aka John Rechner and "The Outpatient," aka John Kissell were trying to drum up some interest in an upcoming match to be staged(did we say pro wrestling is fake?) in Perth Amboy, according to a release from the South Brunswick police department.

But at the restaurant, one of them showed a knife, and that sent onlookers to their cell phones to dial 9-1-1.

By the time police got to the restaurant, the two wrestlers had gone.

But armed with a description of their car, police tag teamed the pair a short distance away.

There, the release said Rechner ("Balls Mahoney") , 38 admitted he "staged the fight with ... Kissell ("The Outpatient"), 45 ... because they were professional wrestlers and wanted to draw attention to their upcoming match."

After reviewing the videotape(the restaurant's) and talking with the fans(witnesses at the restaurant), police put both on the mat, charging them with disorderly conduct.

They were then sent to their corners(released) presumably to face off another day.

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